Yvonne Wise began her technology career at IBM as a Computer Programmer. She has worked as a tech support and computer trainer at various companies. Been training the public on computers for over 20 years.  She has many certifications in Technology A+, Network+, Certified Webmaster.  She started her training career in Germany by training the Germans in computer technology.

Yvonne began her Logistics career working at the Motor Pool in the US Army.  After several positions she maintained all the computers at Arnold Trucking Company.  She was the owner of Mountain Moving Transportation.

Because of the rapid changing in the computer and technology world, she recognized that business owners needed support in technology and marketing.  Therefore, Yvonne decided in 2015 to start her own company, Be Wise Marketing, LLC, www.bewisemarketing.com.

Be Wise Marketing is a one stop shop where businesses can increase their online presence through training, content marketing, update their website, and mobile app development for customer engagement.

She volunteers at Eastern Florida State College to educate businesses of the benefits of Digital Marketing Solutions for their business.  She volunteers at church to teach individuals  age 15-81 computer technology. She volunteers  her time also by doing public speaking on marketing.

She has spoken at NAACP events, town meetings, Kwanzza events, and business owner marketing training events, Duval County School board Business Development

She educates business owners on Lead Generation, how to get more leads from your website on a small budget.   Having a website is the first step, but how are you engaging with your potential clients once they get to your website?   Customer loyalty is also important that is why she constantly tells business owners to invest in a Mobile App.